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CATNarrative – Inform7: “unfold”

I am still very interested in playing with the game interface and logic in the sense of space and time. Specifically, for text-based game making environment like Inform7, the game-making process is almost like an alternative experience of playing the game, as the inter-relation between “drawing the map” and “tracing / revisiting the map”. At […]

Live Web – midterm

Log I played with the p5 source code from The-Body-Everywhere-And-Here class, which also uses socketio and p5livemedia library, and it mainly manipulates pixels. However I didn’t end up using it because the pixel manipulation severely slowed down the video stream. buggy lessons: in server.js, this is the line that works with p5livemedia’s socket version (which […]


midterm log a few useful tips: Include your iPhone Screen or Camera in a Live Stream with the ATEM Mini or OBS Studio 7 OBS Studio Plugins in 2022 Well, the truth isI haven’t thought through about this.It’s not a premise of binary between a red pill or a blue pill.I don’t even knowif the […]

Rest of U 5 – Talk to the Elephant

I’m interested in how our brain interpret language and separate the name / word of things from the idea of what they are. And the first trick associated with this idea is a cognition game that plays with the Stroop effect: (in short, it points at the delay in reaction time between congruent and incongruent stimuli). The […]

CATNarrative – environmental narratives

Bitsy more bitsy tutorial – bitsy wiki Borksy using rooms to create continuity – gives me the idea to take the rooms as frames bitsy hacks bitsy-3d converting image to a room found some inspiring bitsy game on itch.io: ENDLESS SCROLL – playing with browser user interface AND OTHER STORIES world of bitsy [18+] you […]

Rest of U #6 – rest of us

I am interested in the idea of subtitles. We commonly associate subtitles to the image on synchronization. We read the narrative with reliance on the text more than the image because we regard language as the main source of information, and the inferiority to language barrier transfers our focus from voice to text. These text […]

CATNarrative – twine game “untitled folder”

add images to twine Images as links/ Clickable images Using JavaScript with Twine sugarcube 2 doc twine text style cheat sheet: log some buggy tips learned along the way: conditional expression: has to separate the conditions very strictly under each <if></if>; there cannot be any ambiguity. typewriter effect using typed.js add-on (only works in sugarcube) […]

Live Web #5

note from class: socket – storing data : Logic: client sends data -> server receives data, then emits it to all clients (things happening in server.js) -> client receives data and store it in their array, and shows the data array (things happening in html and attached js file) simplepeer – WebRTC WebRTC is peer-to-peer; […]

Rest of U #4 – data visualization

I received my Tinder data json file last week with information including all my messages, matches and likes sent, with corresponding date. This made me wonder about my tinder activity in relation to the day of the week. So I used python MatPlotLib library to draw a few graphs based on the sum value of […]

Live Web #4

ps -ef | grap node in command line; shows everything that’s running on node elt in javascript, elt variable bypasses the outer shell of the element and returns what’s inside (for instance, when using p5, it bypasses p5 expression) TCP – error correction retransmission UDP – WebRTC getusermedia – access to local video and audio […]